Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Adelaide's Nursery Reveal, Part One

I am really pleased with how the nursery turned out.  As I already shared I wanted a room that was light and airy, that was a peaceful place I would want to hang out in those first few months and that she would want to spend time in and retreat to sleep and be calm.  I am really please with how it turned out and will only have a few plans to tweak it as she grows and her little personality starts to show.  First is her sleeping area:

I wanted a sort of collection of art work for over her bed and changing table that reflected our family values and that I could add pieces to as she grew and as I found the right pieces in our travels and adventures (and etsy trolling).  I am really pleased with how it turned out for now.

Clockwise starting on the far left: Love Spoken Here print found here, hand stitched Some See Weeds Others See Wishes done by yours truly, and Alphabet Print found here.  I am hoping to add a few more prints and a few photos of our family there as well.  

Our bedding as I already shared I found via Dwell Studios but pick up via a online store that had it discounted.  The sheets were a bit of a pleasant surprise. They were supposed to be a small polka dot but instead they all came in this modern floral print.  I would have sent them back except I liked the mistake better than what I thought I was getting!  I really like that its not traditional pink and that its not a pink explosion.  Its sweet and subtle and modern.*

Want to see what we did with her changing/play area?  Stay tuned!  

*And before I go down as the worst mom ever...yes, that's a bumper.  Yes, I know that they are now deemed a safety hazard.  I put it in crib while the nursery was set up and until she actually sleeps in her bed.  Once she starts sleeping in her bed and/or starts moving in her sleep it will be removed.  But until then I am going to enjoy the way it looks and check the ties regularly for security.  

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