Monday, May 23, 2011

Adelaide's Nursery Reveal, Part Two

Today we are continuing with our little miss's nursery reveal.  If you haven't gotten the chance check out the before and what we did with her sleeping area.  Today I want to show you her changing and play area.  First up her changing area.  

We decided after reading reviews and feedback to not go with a traditional changing table.  Why spend money on a piece of furniture you only use for about 6 months?  Instead we opted for a dresser with a changing pad on top--when she gets big enough we will remove the pad and ta-da a regular dresser!  I think this is pretty common practice now a days so we are not design geniuses or anything.

For the art work I wanted to work with the same concept as over the crib.  I wanted to support handmade artist and purchase prints that reflect our family's values.  I also wanted to create a collection that could be added to and there is definitely space on the wall to add more art work.  Both prints are from Sugar Fresh and you can find these prints and more in Sugar Fresh's esty shop. I love everything in this shop, so you can plan to see more things pop up in the little miss's room from there.  Since the ceilings are so tall in here I am hoping to build the art collage on the wall upward to really take advantage of the height.  

Our lamps all came from Target and go with the clean, simple, modern look and were really affordable.  Truth be told I struggle with lighting anyways. I am not very good at picking out lamps and they are so pricey for a very basic feature, but I know they can finish off the room. Sigh!

The owl is actually one of a pair of book ends (you can spot the other one a few pictures down) that I found when I was out shopping with my aunt last fall in Dallas.   I was at the end of my first trimester and found these little guys in Coldwater Creek of all places!  My aunt was really worried that the owls would scare the baby but I bought them anyways and I think they are cute!  You may remember them from another post because for a while I used them in our dining room at our old house while we were for little miss to arrive.  

For the big wall we wanted to create a book wall, because reading was so important to me as a child and we want her to grow up learning to love books.  Plus it was a really inexpensive way to decorate a huge wall, since most of the book were either my childhood books or gifts from a few amazing friends.  We purchased the picture ledges from Ikea.  They were really easy to level and mount compared to shelves I have bought from other stores.  

A couple of special things about this area.  The bookcase you see there to house toys and books and such is a bookcase we already owned. It was one of those hand-me-down pieces that T had in his apartments in college, that he brought into our marriage.  It moved with us from each house and with each move we would have the same conversation, "do we really want this ugly thing?  It doesn't go with our house at all...but its solid wood and they just don't make them like that any more..."  I wanted a shelf area for toys that was low enough I could set a glass of water on it while rocking our little miss to sleep and so when we moved yet again into this house and were having that same conversation about the bookshelf I had an "ah, ha!"  Why not have T paint it white to go in the nursery?  We already had the white paint left over from another project and with just 10 minutes each night after work a few nights in a row T put a couple of coats of paint on it and ta-da!  The total cost for her perfect little bookshelf/side table is free!  Got to love it!

Also, if you remember I had been debating whether or not to purchase the large letter A from Antropologie.  Well I finally decided to take the plunge.  I was explaining to a friend of mine how I wanted it but it was pricey and she said, "Well, its really hip and modern and neutral and since your daughter's initial will be the same her whole life, its a piece you can incorporate into each of her rooms as she grows."  Sold.  In fact, under that logic it made more sense to buy that than the bedding :)

The other special piece is the Raggedy Ann doll that a dear friend of mine hand made as a gift for our little miss.  She had heard me share once that my childhood room was decorated in Raggedy Ann that my mother sewed together and so wanted to make my little girl a doll that connected her childhood to mine.  Is that so thoughtful?

She loves laying on the floor of her room and staring at her wall of books.  She as even smiled at them a couple of times and I am just going to pretend that its not gas and that she really likes the room we created for her!  

Want to see the whole room? I'll be back next week with a final post so you can see the layout and a few other details!   

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