Monday, May 23, 2011

Over the Weekend

This weekend was just what our little family needed--a chance to get out of town and see the people we love and relax!

Our weekend started off with an extra special package in the mail to our little miss from her cousin Norah.  We scored some seriously cute we just have to grow a bit to fit into them!  There was also a special outfit in there that we will be wearing and sharing here on on the blog soon.  Sorry about the lame iPhone photos, but rest assured when we wear our special outfit it will be in full HD.

On Saturday we met up with some friends of ours from Indianapolis who recently moved to Tulsa.  We met in OKC and took all our little kiddos to the Oklahoma City Zoo.  Adelaide got to see the seals and the hippos and by see I mean she slept in her stroller the whole time.  It was a beautiful day and T and I had a great time catching up and of course playing proud parents as we introduced Adelaide! 

To round it all off there was some golf, lots of home cooked meals and plenty of snuggling with the little miss to make our weekend great!  of course we were so busy having fun that I forgot to snap pictures.

We had a great weekend, how about you?

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