Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  We have bunch of plans over here including hanging with family, tackling some projects around the house and doing some relaxing.  Maybe we even have a little mini-adventure planned!  

I am hoping to finish off my list from earlier this week and get some "after" pictures to share with you on Monday in between all the excitement. What do you have planned for the holiday?


  1. Your weekend sounds fun! I'm just finished cleaning our kitchen and later today John and I are going to give Kita a bath. It's a cleaning kind of weekend for us. We did see the Hangover Part Two yesterday. If you liked the first one then you'll like this one too. It's very funny and very inappropriate.

  2. Maryellen, that sounds like a great weekend! We have wanted to see the Hangover 2 but alas, the babe keeps us from that (for now). Maybe we will Redbox it?