Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Over the Weekend

Happy Tuesday!  I hope you had an fun and relaxing holiday weekend!  I know we did! 

On Saturday we started off by putting the baby down for her morning nap and tackling our overgrown yard.  It has been really rainy here, so the grass was high and the shrubs out of control.  T tackled the lawn while I weeded and tended to the shrubs.  Then I decided to join other countless Americans that keep our health system running on holiday weekends--no I didn't get in a drunk accident at the lake.  I manage to wound myself doing yard work.  So we took a little family trip to the local ER, where I got patched up.  Since they said I couldn't do yard work the rest of the weekend T finished up the yard (and it looks GREAT!)

After cleaning up from yard work we headed over to the family's to swim, cookout and just hang.  Little miss's cousins Will and Sam were in from out of town and so she got a lot of attention from her 2 1/2 year old cousin Sam.  He kept running across the room and saying "I want to hug the baby!" Then he would hug her feet and run off again (Side note, Sam hugs feet because his amazing momma taught him not to touch babies hands or faces, which is super thoughtful).  And of course Adelaide saved her biggest, gummiest grins for Sam.  For dinner the guys grilled the most delicious steaks and we sat around and enjoy each other's company.  

Sunday after going to church we came home and put the little miss down for a nap and this momma got some much needed time by herself.  Then we headed back over to our family's for more time by the pool and this time fajitas on the grill for dinner--yum!  After dinner we all hung by the pool in the cool evening air.  Little miss was per usual an absolutely wonderful little guest and totally happy to hang out with everyone.  

On Monday we decided to pack up and go on a little mini-adventures and take little miss over to Fort Worth to eat at the Star Cafe in the Fort Worth Stockyards.  The food as usual was tasty but the real reason we headed over was so little miss could see Betty again and meet Don.  They own the Star Cafe but they are also dear friends of T and I's and we want the little miss to hang with them as often as she can.  And as with the rest of the weekend she was a total doll and won the hearts of not only Don and Betty but everyone at the Star Cafe.   

We took a little cruise up Main Street in the Stockyards while little miss let the breeze blow through her hairs and take in the sights.  Then we headed back home where we relaxed, napped and soaked up the last of the long weekend together as a family.  I even got a few things done off my list from last week.  

How was your holiday weekend?

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