Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Crafties

I have a serious paper addiction. My mother would joke that as a kid you could always find me by following the little trail of paper scraps and clippings through the house.  So no surprise that I love scrapbooking.  There is something really gratifying about it for me--you get to reflect on good memories, be creative and have a moment to yourself.  But I knew when Adelaide came along I wouldn't have as much time to scrapbook but I still wanted a place to jot down firsts, quick thoughts and whatnot. Plus I wanted something I could GIVE my daughter about her live besides a USB stick (although she will get one of those too). I wanted a good old fashion baby book but as I did my research I realized with the dawn of digital that paper was going by the wayside.  There weren't very many choices and attractive choices were even fewer.  So I found one that was as neutral as possible and brought it home, planning that I would just jot down things and then use it as the basis for my scrapbook when I got around to it. Here's what I chose:

Not too offensive, right? But definitely not cute or modern.

But a week or two after Adelaide was born I had a brain storm.  Instead of using this oh so uninspiring book as a temporary holding place I spruced it up a bit?  With some baby scrapbook paper I already had and my flower punches I was able de-blah the book and make it look more like what I would chose for my little miss.  Take a look:

Pretty cute right?  Or at least better than generic and uninspiring onesies!

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