Sunday, May 15, 2011

Adelaide's Nursery Reveal, Before

As you may remember from these posts here, here and here we had already begun pulling together our nursery in Indianapolis, before we got the news that we were Texas bound.

So we packed up the nursery our little girl would never see but was none the less planned in love and brought it to Texas, where we added, tweaked and made it the perfect place.  All in less that a month too!

First, the before.  I have yet to post all the "before" pictures of our house.  I figured as we tackled each project I would post them along side the "afters" or more realistically the "in progress" pictures.  But let's just say this.  The house we bought was well cared for, loved and decorated--just not in our style.  But you know I love a good home project especially anything that involves a fresh coat of paint.

So the little girl's room like most of the rest of the house was painted yellow.  Event he vaulted ceiling was painted yellow.  You can see it here:

Since we closed on our new house and moved when I was 36 weeks pregnant my family rallied and came to help us unpack and paint--they were amazing! We tackled the nursery and the master bedroom (more on that later) as our top priorities.  My brother and his fiance painted the nursery and did an amazing job.  I chose Behr's Chocolate Froth for her walls because its a nice light, airy neutral with a pink tint and it has this fabulous way of changing colors in different lights.  The ceiling we brought back to a standard ceiling white, which really lifted the height of the room and brought more light in, since you can see, there is just the one, small, south facing window.  For fun, here are my two painters for the nursery:

So her room was yellow, dark and just didn't feel like "our" house.  Want to see what we did?  Stay tuned!

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