Friday, May 20, 2011

Internet Love

Happy Friday all! We have a great weekend planned to enjoy this nice spring weather, stretch our muscles a bit, see some family and meet up with some long distance friends.

Here are a few things I am really digging out on the internet this week:

  • My flea market hunt was so successful that I am now on the hunt for a cabinet to go in that awkward space between our laundry room and back door and am loving this one by Shannon Fricke via decor8.  I love the legs, the large open space that would be perfect storage for the stuff that comes in and out our back door and I love the wallpaper interior!
  • Since we bought our new camera I have been slowly trying to learn to take better pictures.  Honey We're Home's post was super helpful, not because its new but because it pulled all the info together.  

Hope you enjoy!

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