Monday, May 16, 2011

Over the Weekend

We had a great weekend spending most of it with family and friends relaxing and enjoying the unseasonably cool weather here in Texas.  Of course, we were too busy having fun to take any pictures!  But luckily I can share some pictures of the aftermath of our Sunday adventure.  After a delicious breakfast with family on Sunday T and I load up little miss and headed out the Third Mondays Trade Days in McKinney, Texas for an hour or so.  I used to trek out to First Monday Trade Days in Canton, TX with a girlfriend of mine back in college.  Not only are there all kinds of vintage pieces to be discovered and refurbished but the people watching is superb.  T had never been to a Trade Days but being the American Pickers and Pawn Stars junkie that he is he has been dying to go.  And since we have a new home to decorate on a tight budget I was happy to go and begin to hunt down the pieces we need for a few spots in the house.

The afternoon was cool and breezy and little miss was happy to nap in her stroller so we scoped out the goods.  About midway through our search I found a beautiful, but worn vintage bed frame for a full sized bed and a rather large mirror.  The woman selling them was eager to make a deal, but I declined and said I would need to think about it and maybe we would be back.  Still only being 6-weeks after the little miss arrived, I get tired sort of easy and it really affects my decision making ability.  Just ask T--I drive him crazy trying to make simple decisions like what to cook for dinner.  So I was tired and not so sure about the bed.  It would need love and paint--two things of which I have and it would need time and energy--two things of which I have very little currently.  T was ready to put his months of watching Mike Wolf to use to negotiate the pieces for me but my fuzzy brain decided to pass.

So we meandered around the market a bit longer and then headed home to feed the little miss.  After we got home I took a rest and a shower--but I couldn't get that bed out of my mind.  I knew it was just like a few vintage ones I had seen online that would go well in our guest room.  And the mirror was large and priced well and we have more than a few spots for it to go in our new home.  Sigh.

By this time T had gone to run a few errands and I texted him that I was having second thoughts and that I couldn't get the pieces out of my mind--something I have learned to trust as part of my gut.  There is nothing worse than thinking about something you should have pounced on for days or weeks to come--am I the only one that does that?  Probably not.  Anyhow with only an hour til the flea market closed T dashed back over there, bargained the lady down and brought home the two pieces (little miss and I stayed home--we are not exactly fast acting companions these days).

Here they are:

My apologies for the not so glamorous photos but you can see the mirror is probably 4-foot by 3-foot and the bed will look great after some love and a coat or two of paint.  And even though this little mama is running on an average of 3 hours of sleep to keep this sweet little house and family going, a girl can dream.  Plus T was happy because his newly acquired bargaining skills paid off!


  1. I really really like the bed. Grabbing that was a total score. I am excited to see what you will do with it. I am on the hunt for a new headborad (we just bought a King size bed) maybe we need to make a trip up there and try our luck at Trade Days!

  2. Jennifer, I am so excited! We got the bed and mirror for $120--that's $30 cheaper than the bed I scouted out at Ikea for the guest room. I even have left over paint from another project I am going to use on both of them so this should be a fun, cheap and really cute project.

    And you should totally come up--or look for a trade days in your area. You sort of have to go every once in a while and sift through all the junk but sometimes its totally worth it!