Friday, May 27, 2011

Master Bathroom Quick Makeover, Before

It may seem sort of backwards to share about what we've done with the master bath before posting about the master bedroom, but the bathroom is mostly complete, where as the bedroom is still a work in progress and totally a baby explosion these days.  

So without further ado here is our bathroom "before." It was painted a dark chocolate brown like the master bedroom, but luckily unlike the master bedroom the ceilings were left white.  

Aside from being way too dark for our taste, there were a few other things that were driving me bonkers about this space.  Can you spot them?  

Well, I don't want to keep y'all in suspense...There were three different kinds of finishes going on in this one room--NOT including the towel bars and toilet paper holder (they each had their own separate finish).  Can you see the facets were a polished silver, the shower was the builder's standard gold and the lighting fixture above the sink was an oiled bronze.  

Now, I am not saying I am all matchy, matchy, but the three (or five) different finishes were going to drive me crazy.  Plus the finished especially the lighting fixture in its Texas chic style wasn't exactly our style.  And did I mention it was DARK in there?  There is a huge window (4x5) letting in great natural light but it still seemed dark.  Moving from a home built in 1923 to a home built in 2004 one of the major perks was enough bathroom space that T and I didn't crash into each other or have to take turns getting ready.  But with the chocolate brown the bathroom felt just as small and crowded as our old one.  

Want to see how we changed our humble little cave of a bathroom for under $100?

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